This Amazing Vegetable Can Remove Diabetes and Improves Overall Health

Ampalaya is being shy away because of its bitter taste but despite it’s bitter taste, the ampalaya has numbers of health benefits and consist of kinds essential nutrients.

It is a kind of climbing vines species that is normally grows in subotanical and tropical countries. Ampalaya or bitter melon is looking rugged green skin and has seeds inside of it.

Ampalaya is famous for treating of different disease especially alleviating high blood sugar. Most people avoid this food because of the bitter taste it has but not knowing its good benefits to the health.

There are different ways on how to prepare it some example of are making it as a salad, add to a cook dish or make a juice out of it. Below are some problems that can benefit from eating ampalaya.

Treat diabetes

Ampalaya has essential nutrients and phytochemicals which can give you anti-diabetic properties which can alleviate even the type 2 diabetes. It has the power to neutralize the blood sugar level in our body. You can have them in salad or raw but the taste can make it a bit difficult to eat because of the taste.

Ease fever and flu

What we don’t know is that ampalaya has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties that can kill bacteria in the body that can cause flu and fever. A glass of ampalaya juice can help you ease body pain, headache and high fever this can help you effectively lower the high temperature of the body.

Improve eyesight

Ampalaya juice can help you protect your eyesight and maintain the clearness of the beta-carotene of its consist. It heals some eye problem and avoid the formation of cataract as well.

Treat respiratory issues
Problems from the respiratory like asthma, bronchitis , and dry cough can be ease by having ampalaya. The antiviral and anti-bacterial ampalaya consist can help reduce respiratory problems.

Repair damaged hair and remove dandruff

Ampalaya has the power to remove dandruff roots and strengthen the hair from damage and breakage.

Effective method for weight loss

Having difficult time to lose weight? Try ampalaya, it is a good way to reduce weight effectively or make a juice out of it.

Boost stamina
Ampalaya has the ability to boost energy especially for athletes or exposed to physical activities.

Treat several viral diseases

Ampalaya can help heal types of different disease like malaria, chicken fox, measles and even HIV.

Source: The Artikulo Health News
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