The 6 Harmful Effects of Staying For Too Long In An Air-Conditioned Places

Air conditioners are synonymous to relaxation and absolute self-indulgence. Your bedroom, living room, office, and all other areas are air conditioned. It has now become a very significant part of people’s life and those who can provide it do not think twice before purchasing and installing it.

But are you cautious of the harmful effects of this epitome of luxury? Let alone the danger these air conditioners do to the habitat, the side effects of air conditioners on your body are value noting. Take a look.

1. Dehydration

When you’re sitting in an air-conditioned area, you commonly end up dehydrated. This is due to the conditioner sip out all the humidity and leaves the area cold and dry. Because of the cold, you abstain from drinking water too. As an outcome, you finish up dehydrated.

2. Headaches

Sitting in air-conditioned area for prolonged time can trigger headaches. If you do not keep an air-conditioned area well, your susceptibility of getting a migraine can rise. Another reason for this is dehydration. Yes, dehydration is one cause of headaches which people do not commonly take into thought.

3. Dry skin

Staying in air-conditioned places for a prolonged time can result in dry and dark skin. The air conditioner deprives the place of all the moisture and does not even provide your skin. You may fall with a dark, dry and rough skin with fine lines.

4. Allergy
Not cleaning the air conditioner habitually can result in allergies. All the dust and bacteria that build up on the air circulation ducts are move around in the entire room and can even cause to skin infections, allergies, irritation and itchiness.

5. It Aggravates a Dry Eye Problem

A dry eye problem triggers irritation and dryness in the eyes. It can burn, sting and even harm your eyesight. Though air conditioning is not the direct cause to inculpate for dry eyes, people dealing with this problem complain of many pain while staying in an air-conditioned area for a prolonged time.

6. Fatigue

People working in a work area with very air-conditioning complain of a feeling of fatigue and severe headaches. They also suffer mucous membrane irritation and breathing troubles. Staying in air-conditioned area for too long can make you weaker to cold, cough and flu.

Source: Doctor NDTV
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