Stop and prevent Heart Attack in Just One Minute with This Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an amazing stimulant; it increases heart rate and carries blood to all parts of the body, balancing circulation. Cayenne pepper has hemostatic effect that effectively stops bleeding instantly, and helps in heart attack recovery.

Health Benefits of Cayenne peppers

It has antifungal properties; it prevents the occurrence of Phomopsis and Colletotrichum.

It is known for its beneficial effect on the digestive system, because it stimulates the production of gastric juices, and relieves gases.

Cayenne peppers have anticancer properties, and they are especially recommended to patients diagnosed with lung cancer and smokers. The capsaicin found in cayenne pepper is believe prevents the development of tumors caused by tobacco, and similar results are noticed in patients diagnosed with liver cancer.

Used for the treatment of stomach problems, flu symptoms, migraines, allergies, redness, obesity, toothache and arthritis. Cayenne pepper powder.

Recipe for Heart Attack:

1-3 fresh cayenne peppers

50% alcohol (you can use vodka)

1 litre glass bottle



Put on gloves for safety.

Fill a quarter of the glass bottle with cayenne pepper powder. Pour in just enough alcohol that it covers the powder.

In a blender mix the fresh peppers with enough alcohol that you get a sauce-like consistency. Add the mixture to the bottle so that ¾ of the bottle is filled.

Fill the bottle to the top with alcohol and put the lid on. Shake the bottle several times a day.

Leave the tincture in a dark place for two weeks, then strain. Keep final tincture in a dark bottle. For a stronger tincture, let it infuse three months before straining.

Store tincture in a dry, dark place. It never spoils

Give 5-10 drops of the tincture to the conscious patient who has suffered a heart attack or stroke. Give another 5-10 drops after 5 minutes. Repeat the treatment until the patient’s condition improves.

If the patient is unconscious, put 1-3 drops under their tongue, and begin CPR. Repeat the treatment after 5 minutes, and repeat it every 5 minutes until your patient’s condition improves.

Source: Just Natural Medicine

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