Onions Miraculous Ways that NO One Told you

Onion is used to dishes or when we cook or as a flavor to our food but also it can be a cure for some illnesses like e.g vomiting plus it has enough properties to ac as an antibiotic which can enhance the health of the immune system.

Onion belongs to allium family which is why it is useful to use as antibiotic and antiseptic because of its properties. It is also high in quercetin that can battle free radicals in the body.

Onion can also cure arthritis, diabetes, and lowering cholesterol levels in the body.
How to use onion as a natural remedy:

Chest congestion

Make a mixture of coconut oil and onion and put it in your chest then coat it with the shirt. Leave it all through out the night and see the result in the morning, you will feel a lot better.


Add some yellow chopped onion in the water then bring it to boil. Let the mixture cool down then strain it. Give the baby with colic a teaspoon of the mixture every hour until you see some results . This is a traditional way of treating colic for babies.

Ear pains and infections

Chop some onions and put them in a cloth or sock then tie it and place it on the inflamed ear.


Film from the cover of onion skin will stop bleeding from cuts and antiseptic on wounds.


Peel a large onion and cut it in half. Cover the halves with a tablespoon of brown sugar then let it in a bowl for an hour. Do this twice a day.


Cut the onion thinly and rub some oil on your feet. Then, put a slice of onion on each of your soles. Next, wrap them with a plastic wrap. Let it stay overnight to get rid toxins and diseases in the body.


Grate a yellow onion then extract it’s juice through a cheesecloth. Brew a cup of pepper mint tea, let it cool. Take 2 teaspoon of onion juice after 5 minutes drink pepper mint tea. Wait 5 minutes before drinking again and repeat the treatment until the vomiting stops.

Source: Just Healthy Way

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