Here's What Women's Sleeping Position Says About Their Personality

Sleep is an important part of being human, and it’s as essential to life as water, air and food.

It’s during sleep that your body recharges, regenerates and heals, that memories are consolidated and emotional events are processed.

There was once a study which determined each sleeping position were actually linked to a particular personality type.

Here are 6 most common sleeping positions that can be linked to personality.
1. The Fetal Position

In this position, a person sleeps on his side, curled, with knees bent, drawn towards the stomach, and arms upraised to rest on the pillow. This position may indicate an attempt to comfort oneself.

Those who prefer the fetal position are thought to be thick-skinned and tough on the outside but emotional and sensitive on the interior.

2 The Log or Side Sleepers

This position is performed by lying straight on one side with arms extended downward. Personality traits of those who sleep in the log position include a trusting nature. They enjoy social activities and are easy-going people who like to be part of the crowd.

3. The Yearner

The yearner sleeps with his legs slightly bent and the head slightly angled off the center of the pillow. Their arms are often stretched forward as though reaching for something. This ersonality traits indicated include an open nature but they may also be cynical and suspicious.

4. The Soldier

People who prefer this position are often reserved and quiet. And they will set high standards for themselves and others.

People who sleep on their backs are often snorers which can make them prone to sleep apnea. However, doctors say this is the best position for back and neck health.

5. Freefall

If you sleep on your stomach with your head turned to the side and your arms embracing the pillow, you are one of those who prefer the sleeping position of freefall. Those who like the freefall position are often extroverted and impetuous. They don’t like to be put in tense situations and don’t take criticism well.

6. The Starfish

When you sleep on your back with your arms and legs spread out, you are considered a starfish. Starfish often make good friends because they prefer to stay out of the limelight, are good listeners and always willing to help.

Source: News BBC
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