Feng Shui: 12 Good Luck Foods for 2018 to Attract Good Fortune

To make our new year more blessed with luck and prosperity here are the foods for you to serve.

12 foods for Good Luck:


Eat twelve grapes, one for each chime of a clock. This tradition supposedly started in 1909 by grape growers who wanted to cut down on a surplus of grapes.

Round fruits

such as oranges and pomegranates are believed to also symbolize coins and bring a prosperous New Year. Mandarin oranges and tangerines are the most popular fruit in China on New Year’s because of their golden color and they are supposed to represent wealth and good luck


Eating beans on New Years is considered good luck. The theory is that because they swell as you cook them, that beans symbolize prosperity.


Are said to “Show you the money!” Cooked collard, spinach, cabbage and kale are all said to represent paper money.


If you eat meat, pick pork over chicken or beef on New Year day, because pigs dig with their snout, representing forward movement or progress, while chickens and turkeys scratch backward, and cows stand still (we all want to move forward, not backwards or stay in the same place in the New Year!)


Good choice as well since most swim forward, and the scales are believed to symbolize silver. Another theory is that since many fish swim in schools and lay lots of eggs at one time, it is a sign of abundance.


Eat noodles for longevity you need a big pot as you want to boil them whole so they are long.

Rice, quinoa, risotto, barley and other starches symbolize abundance since they swell when cooked.


St. Basil’s bread. Known as vasilopita in Greece, St. Basil’s bread plays an important role in Greek New Year’s traditions. The bread itself is sweet, and is baked with a coin hidden in it.

Round Foods

These foods represent the year coming “full circle.” Donuts, cookies, cakes, pancakes, bagels, quiche, quesadillas and pizzas that are in the shape of a “ring” are said to symbolize the year coming full circle

Corn bread

Said to symbolize gold to ensure extra luck, some people add extra corn kernels, which are emblematic of golden nuggets.


Toast with champagne or prosecco. In some cultures they suggest you take 3 short hops without spilling your drink and then pour throw the champagne behind you to put all the bad stuff in the past.

Source: Atlas Travel Web

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