6 Early Symptoms Before a Threatening Heart Attack Occur

The primary cause of death in the U.S. is heart attack. Current society has pushed majority of us into leading a harmful lifestyle. Fast food and hours upon hours of sitting in front of the computer have become crucial contributors to the growth of diseases and even severe medical problems.

Below are the symptoms that you require to be aware of. They may indicate a threatening heart attack:

1. Easy Fatigability

When arteries narrows down, the heart and other areas of the body collects lesser quantity of blood than they usually used to. Narrow arteries signify the heart will require working double time, thus leaving you more tied and sleepy throughout the day.

2. Shortness of Breath

Once the heart collects less blood, it has negative crash on the lings because of its impotence to absorb optimal amounts of oxygen. The lungs and the heart rely on each other, meaning you cannot be well if one of them becomes not operate properly. If you are experiencing from shortness of breath it is perfect to seek your doctor immediately.

3. Weakness

When the body becomes weak because to incapable blood circulation, the flow throughout the whole body is become weakened. The muscles are not getting sufficient energy that it requires to function, thus you may feel weakness.

4. Dizziness and Cold Perspiration

Poor circulatory function can effect in controlled blood circulation to the brain. This problem is life alarming and may divulge itself in the form of dizziness and sticky skin. These symptoms should never be disregarded.

5. Chest Pain

If you’re having early symptoms of heart attacks, you will most likely experience from chest discomfort and built-up pressure in the chest area. The pressure and discomfort will slowly up until the heart attack happens.

6. Colds or Flu

If it looks that you experiencing from flu symptoms, this may be a signs that a heart attack may occur in the near future. A lot of people experience from colds a several days before they suffer heart attack.

Source: WellnessBin
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