16 Things You Should Not Do On New Year for the Good Luck in Life

Filipino-Chinese people in the Philippines celebrate each year in hope of alluring prosperity, closer relative ties and peace.

Nevertheless, as we celebrating the New Year there are several beliefs on the things you should not do during New Year in these view this custom will drive away the bad luck and sickness in the coming year.

Below are the things you should not do mostly in the first day of New Year:

1. Medicine

Consuming medicine on the first day of the lunar year indicates one will get sick for the entire year.

2. New Year’s Breakfast

Porridge should not be consume, due to it is believed that only destitute people have porridge for breakfast, and people do not like to begin the year “poor” as this is a bad signs.

3. Washing Clothes

People should not wash clothes on the first and second day of the year, due to these two days are commemorate as the birthday of Shuishen.

4. Rinsing Hair

Hair must not be rinsed on the first day of the lunar year. In the Chinese style, hair has the similar pronunciation and personality as “fa” in facai, which indicates to become rich. Therefore, it is found as not a fine thing to “wash one’s wealth away\ay” at the start of the New Year.

5. Sharp Things

The use of knives and scissors is to be avoided as any tragedy is thought to lead to inauspicious things and the exhaustion of wealth.

6. Going Out

A girl may not leave her home; or else she will be trouble with bad luck for the whole coming year. A married daughter is not permitted to go at the house of her guardians, as this is considered to bring bad luck to the guardians, causing economic deprivation for the family.

7. Sweeping Floor

If you sweep on this day then your prosperity will be swept away also.

8. Crying Kids

The cry of a kid is considered to bring bad luck to the family, so guardians do their effort to stay their children as happy as possible.

9. Theft

Having your pocket picked is considered to foretell your entire wealth in the coming year being thieve.

10. Debt

Money should not be lent on New Year’s Day, and all debts have to be reimbursing by New Year’s Eve. If somebody who owes you money, don’t go to his or her house to command it. Anyone who does so it is aid will be unfortunate all the year.

11. A Depleted Rice Jar

An empty receptacle may lead to crypt anxiety, as the end of cooking during the New Year period is believed to be a sick omen.

12. Undesirable Clothes

Wearing threadbare duds can trigger extra bad luck for the year.

13. Killing Things

Blood is believed a sick omen, which will cause problem like a knife wound, or a bloody misadventure.

14. Monochrome style

Black or white clothes are barred as these two colors are belief related with mourning.

15. Welcoming the Year

Based to tradition, people must stay up late on New Year’s Eve to encourage the New Year, and then to let off fireworks to frighten off inauspicious spirits and Nian, the New Year monster.

16. Giving Particular Gifts

Clocks, scissors, and pears all have a bad indication in Chinese lifestyle.

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