Your Menstrual Blood Color Can Reveal Danger to your Health

Menstrual cycle is common among women as they undergo through it monthly and last for 6 to 7 days. Some women may experience cramps and minor issues regarding their menstruation such as headaches and stomach ache.

During menstrual cycle it is being observed that the color of the blood is sometimes brighter, darker and some interruptions of bleeding outside their cycle. Occasionally the color of the menstrual blood may indicate anxiety and what colors may indicate if a woman should consult a gynecologist.

Menstrual blood colors and health Signs:

Pink – if this color appears earlier like in the middle of the cycle then this may be sign of early pregnancy. This is a hormonal disorder or other diseases in the reproductive system, it is best to visit your doctor.

Bright – this flow is noticeable as it happens after a busy day, this is just normal and no need to worry. It will only make a problem if it will last more than a week and the blood turns pinkish and do not fade.

Dark red – is simply normal in the middle of the cycle, but if the color does not fade and you bleed more than normal then this could indicate miscarriage or worst an indication of a tumor. It is best to go to your doctor.

Orange red – this is uncommon and may indicate some kind of infection, most especially if it comes with unusual odor. This is color is caused by blood combined with the fluids in the cervix, best to consult your doctor.

Brown black – is an old blood backward not expired, in some reason it had remained longer in the womb. This blood is somewhat normal but if you notice beside of it a yellowish color blood then this is a sign of infection and needs to go to a doctor.

Natural Remedies:

Simply apply yogurt in the affected area and eating yogurt will boost your immunity.

Boric Acid

Is widely used to treat yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.


Simply put crushed garlic on the affected area overnight or wash it with water daily.

Source: Pilipinas Trend News

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