Reasons why should not drink Coffee on empty stomach

Almost all people in the world begins their day with a cup of coffee, this is the drink that will complete their whole day. But some studies have said that consuming coffee in the morning on an empty stomach can actually make a serious health problem.

Reasons why you should not drink coffee on an empty stomach:


The stomach comprises hydrochloric acid that helps the body digest the food effectively with the right amount. But when the stomach has nothing to digest then the acid will not work as effective as it is, rather make the stomach slosh and may lead to abdominal distress.

Consuming a cup of coffee on an empty stomach secretes more acid and can damage the stomach. This could cause acid reflux, heartburn, stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.

Longevity coffee is natural low acid kind of coffee that can lower the quantity of acid in the morning drink.

Having coffee on an empty stomach will reduce the ability of the brain to process serotonin a proper way. When the brain cannot process it then it will result in anxiety and depression. This will also cause boost of cortisol and adrenaline levels which will result in nervousness, weakening and jittery.


This can actually elevate the amount of fluid in the body that passes, that is why drinking coffee with an empty is not recommended most likely for those who are working hard.


Consuming coffee will make you feel not in the mood to consume food or loss of appetite. Coffee has that kind of appetite suppressant that is why it is being used as a weight loss method.

But studies have shown that if you skip on breakfast then the tendency of it is to eat more during another meal which will result in gaining more weight.

Source: Read and Digest

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