Make you Hair Grow Faster and Stronger using Onion

It may be weird as you can imagine as onion is uncommonly convincing to use it for hair.

But onion can actually preventing the hair in thinning, repairs hair damage, it is rich source of sulfur which can make the hair improvement be faster by supporting the roots.

These onion remedy will make your hair incredibly stronger and much healthier with proper care and love because our hair is our crowning glory.

Hair treatment remedies using onion:

Onion juice to improve hair growth:

Simply juice one piece medium size onion with water, to apply wash hair first then apply the mixture. Leave the mixture for 30 minutes; use a towel to wrap your hair so that the hair follicles can absorb the mixture well.

Onion and coconut oil:

This remedy will make the hair growth faster while nourishing the hair, to do this simply mix some coconut oil and onion then apply it on hair. Start from the roots to the tips and massage it gently after that wrap it on a towel and leave for 30 minutes.

Onion and nectar:

To do this mince one onion then mix it with ½ teaspoon of nectar, apply this mixture on hair for 1 hour . rinse well with water.

Onion and lemon for dandruff:

This mixture is great to treat dandruff and also makes the hair healthy. This is a perfect home treatment to make the dandruff go away and make the hair growth faster. Because lemon juice is greatly known for its ability to maintain a strategic distance from male example sparseness.

Onion and Yogurt Remedy:

Simply mix a finely chopped onion with 1 tablespoon of yogurt, rub your hair with this then leave for 45 minutes. Rinse hair with shampoo and water well.

Source: The Health Notes

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