If You Knew Someone Biting Their Nails, Tell Them To Stop Before It's Too Late

Your fingernails have a couple of big jobs to do. They protect your fingertips and make it easier for you to pick up tiny things, like loose threads. They also come in handy when you have an itch that needs scratching.

But when you bite your nails, your nails aren't there to do those things. And by biting them, you are breaking the skin and maybe bringing germs into these openings in your skin.

In fact, some people bite their nails and cuticles down so far, they bleed! When germs invade, they can get an infection.

It can be hard to break this habit, but learning about the potential dangers of nail biting might finally stop the urge once and for all.

1. Disease-Causing Bacteria

As you bite your nails, those bacteria easily transfer into your mouth and the rest of your body, where they may lead to infections. Your fingernails may actually be twice as dirty as your fingers making this a prime point of transfer for infectious organisms.

2. Nail Infections

Nail biters are susceptible to paronychia, a skin infection that occurs around your nails. As you chew your nails, bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms can enter through tiny tears or abrasions, leading to swelling, redness, and pus around your nail. This painful condition may have to be drained surgically.

3. Warts Due to HPV Infections

Warts on your fingers caused by human papillomavirus, or HPV, are common among chronic nail biters. These warts can easily spread to your mouth and lips as you bite your nails.

4. Dental Problems

Nail biting can interfere with proper dental occlusion. Your teeth may shift out of their proper position, become misshapen, wear down prematurely, and become weakened if you bite your nails over time.

5. Impaired Quality of Life

A study published this year found that people who chronically bite their nails report significantly higher quality of life impairment than those who do not. Tension when trying to resist nail biting, suffering due to nail biting or nail-eating behavior also negatively influenced quality of life.

Simple Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails

Whether you’re an adult who can’t seem to kick the habit, or a parent of a child or teen who bites his or her nails, here are simple options that are often effective for quitting:

- Keep a journal to identify your nail-biting triggers, such as boredom or watching TV, then avoid the triggers as much as possible

- Wrap your fingertips with Band-Aids or electrical tape

- Keep your nails trimmed short or manicured

- Keep your hands busy with other activities, such as knitting

- Put an unpleasant tasting substance on your fingertips (vinegar, hot sauce, or commercially available bitter-tasting options)

Source: Xo Jane
If You Knew Someone Biting Their Nails, Tell Them To Stop Before It's Too Late If You Knew Someone Biting Their Nails, Tell Them To Stop Before It's Too Late Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on November 22, 2017 Rating: 5
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