Health Benefits of Rice Water and Its Uses

Women have looked for beauty secrets all over the world from other cultures, and found that rice water might just be one of them.

This is one ancient Asian secret; the remaining boiled rice water in the pot has been used by women for centuries as a treatment for hair and skin and even for health benefits by taking internally.
Rice water is abundant in beauty minerals and vitamins that work so well for both skin and hair- it's been their secret for those who have flawless-skinned Japanese geishas have known for centuries.

Rice Water Benefits:

Well source of energy:

Rice water is loaded of carbohydrates and an amazing source of energy. Before going out in the morning, drink a glass of rice water and you will not feel weak or dizzy because of lack of energy.

Prevents constipation:

It is loads of fiber and helps for smooth bowel movements. Moreover, the starch stimulates the growth of useful bacteria in the stomach which promotes healthy bowel movement.

Prevents dehydration:

When hot season, the body tends to release water and salt through perspiration. Rice water avoids the chances of dehydration because it helps the lost of nutrients and water of the body.

Home treatment for viral infections

Rice water can also use as a remedy for fever for it can prevent water loss because of fever and vomiting during an infection. It recharges the lost energy and nutrients and hasten up the recovery process.

Can solve diarrhea problem:

Rice water is proven to be effective method to solve diarrhea problem, not just for adults but also for infants. Since infants are very vulnerable to diseases like diarrhea, if not given the proper medication right away, this can lead to very serious dehydration.

How to Prepare

Get a cup of full rice in three to four cups of water. When the rice granules are half-cooked, and then strain the liquid. Then just add some salt or sugar to taste. Drink while warm.

Source: The Artikulo Health News
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