Every Parent’s Should Know This 8 Common Symptoms of Meningitis to Prevent It

Meningitis is a condition connected with the swelling of the protective membranes protecting the brain and spinal cord. The etiology of this condition can be differing, but the symptoms of various types are mostly similar.

Below are the symptoms of meningitis:

1. Sudden Fever

One of the signs of meningitis is a fever that begins immediately. A child begins to shake and remain complaining that he or she constantly feels cold.

2. Intensed Headache

Headaches triggered by meningitis are frequently not just heavily but unbearable. Furthermore, the ache can affect a patient’s neck too, but because of the “breaking” headache, he just cannot pay attention to it.

3. Double Eyesight

An individual affected by meningitis can’t concentrate his vision, which is why his eyesight becomes doubled.

4. Nausea, Vomiting, and Stomach Pain

An individual who is ill with meningitis decreases his appetite. This occurs partially because of constant nausea that can be accompanied by stomach pain and vomiting.

5. Bright Light Sensitivity

Another symptoms of meningitis is an agitation of bright light due to it triggers watering of the kid’s eyes and nausea together with a headache that becomes more sturdy.

6. Inability to Bent of the Occipital Muscles

A child with meningitis may be in a specifically noticeable position: lying on his side with his head thrown back and his legs curving. Try to unbend his neck are frequently not successful.

7. ImpotenceTo Unbend Legs

Even if you perform to bend the child’s head to his chest, his legs immediately bend at these knees, and they’re difficult to unbend in this position. This occurrence is called the Brudzinski neck symptoms.

8. Unfading Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are also probable with meningitis. With this experiment, it is extremely easy to identify a simple rash that is not attached to meningitis.

Get a clear glass, place it to the rash, and plead it firmly by the skin until it becomes pale. If the marks become pale together with the skin, the person does not have meningitis. If the rash does not fade, then you should find a doctor immediately.

Here’s what to do:

Meningitis is a harmful condition, which is why if any of these signs are noticed you should immediately call an ambulance. You should give the ill person with rest, quiet, and dimmed lights in the room until the doctors come.

You should tell to the doctor about all noticed symptoms. It is very discouraged to decline hospitalization when there’s tracing of meningitis due to it is possible to cure it effectively only in the inpatient department.

Source: Bright Side
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