Cure and Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally

Both patient and doctor have the responsibility to prevent the start of kidney stones, even after the successful treatment.

It is proven that by following a proper diet remedy only 20% of the patients have the possibility of having recurring stones. Basically, if the patients do not follow any special dietary and hygienic solution, the number of patients having this will increases by 80%.

It is recommended to avoid stress, alcohol, carbonated drinks, concentrated sugar, including honey and fruit syrup, sweets, artificial sweeteners and salt for prevention.

If the result shows that calcium and oxalates (calcium-oxalate stones) are stronger in the stone, the patients should avoid green vegetables and beetroot. These patients should also reduce the consumption of apples, grapefruit, currants, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and plums.

Lamb and mutton must also be avoided together with coffee, cocoa, chocolate, Coke and strong tea. It is also necessary to be more conscious when consuming homemade tea, including mint, chamomile, and parsley and fruit tea.

In case of urate stone and sand, the patients not eat internal organ meat, including liver, brain, kidneys, bone marrow that is commonly found in soups. These patients are not allowed in eating peas, beans, lentils, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, soybeans and mushrooms.

Drinking a lot of water is needed,

Drinking water helps the kidneys remove toxins and stops the creation of kidney stones and infections, and the dehydration increases the risk of kidney disorders by 20%.

If you are not able to consume large amounts of water, carry a water bottle, as this will remind you to drink more ac time you see it.

Increase intake of yoghurt and milk

High blood pressure can destroy the small vessels in the kidneys, so they may not able to filter the waste material properly. Maintain your blood pressure by taking two glasses of yoghurt and a glass of milk in your everyday meal. Several studies have concluded that low-fat dairy products may lower the blood pressure.

Source: The Artikulo Health News

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