After Reading This You Will Surely Eat Kamias Everyday!

Kamias is a popular fruit also known as bambi, this fruit commonly not that unattractive and being underestimated not knowing its health benefits.

Kamias has a little similarity to star fruit but has a distinct taste of unique sourness that adds in to a wide variety of exotic cuisine on all parts of the world.

The kamias fruit is native in the Philippines and most of its people are very much aware to this fruits numerous health benefits and cooking uses.

This fruit is not only popular as being used for cooking sour dishes but has many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C,B , Iron, phosphorus and antioxidants.

Even though the popularity of this fruit is not similar to other typical fruit yet it is now gradually increasing because of its numerous nutritional value.

Filipinos are indeed blessed with this kind of fruit like kamias, but we rarely took advantage of its healing properties and took it for granted as it is abundant and not expensive.

Kamias health uses:

Treatment of Cough:

Mix 3 pieces of kamias with few grains of fennel and sugar for cough relief. After that bring the mixture into boil but do not put it inside, simply steam it for several hours. Divide the water into two then drink this in the morning with an empty stomach and the other half in the evening.

Treatment for diabetes:

Have a 6 pieces of kamias then crush it, mix it with water then boil, strain and drink for remedy.

Relief from thrush or Singaw:

Kamias is good for treating singaw as it can continuously provide healing properties to overcome the bacteria that cause the singaw. To do this simply crush a kamias then apply it topically.

Note: using kamias can sting you and painful when applied.

Source: The Health Notes

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