9 Dangerous Health Sign That Your Body Is Telling You

It is actually normal for us to notice some changes that are happening to our body, a little ache, bruise, rash or a simple itch can be visibly noticed by us, it is for the reason that this is our body.

Some changes are very normal but some are not, as they can be a sign of health danger, that is why it is really good to take an action earlier to prevent further complications.

Signs and symptoms that you must not ignore;

1. Color change in sclera

- The sclera change in color can be alarming as it indicates jaundice, liver related disease and high blood pressure.

2. Bowel dysfunction or bladder dysfunctio

- Urinating less or more often can indicate prostate cancer, we may assume this is just because gassiness or bloating but it is better to consult your doctor.

3. Itchy butt

- Experiencing butt itchiness is a sign of an inflammatory disorder or hemorrhoids.

4. Skin moles

- Are not that dangerous as people see it but if the moles are spreading or increasing it can be sign of sun damage.

5. Persistent cough

- Coughs are not always indicator of serious health conditions, but if it’s not going away then there is a bigger health risk ahead. This could be a sign of lung cancer, larynx or throat.

6. Having a grey hair at an early age

- If the hairs grey are 50% and up then this could indicate diabetes.

7. Uncontrollable burst of anger

- If you experience this in a lot of situation then it is recommended o seek medical help, for it is not common to be uncontrolled f your anger.

8. Burning sensation on mouth

- If a sudden burning sensation occurs on your mouth, then this could be a symptom of burning mouth syndrome.

9. Brittle nails

- Brittleness, color and shape change can indicate fatal diseases like HIV, liver diseases or bowel disease.

Source: The Artikulo Health News

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