5 Natural Ingredients to Cure Cancer Effectively without Chemo

Cancer is the most feared disease because lots of patients die. This disease has different ways of showing its symptoms and is caused by various external or internal stimuli.

Cancer is a difficult enemy and a traitor, if not detect and cure at early stage this will lead to death.

A famous Russian researcher Hristo Memerski believed that he found a very effective way to fight different kinds of diseases including cancer.

This natural medicine is very powerful that can improve and strengthen your heart health, cleanse liver, kidney and blood vessels, boost immune system improves brain function and memory, prevent heart attack and lastly it fights and cures cancers.


- 12 fresh garlic cloves

- 15 fresh lemons

- 400 gram fresh walnuts

- 400 gram sprouted grains (green wheat)

- 1 kg natural honey

First, cook the sprouted grains. Get a glass bowl and put the green wheat in it. Add some water in it, enough to cover them and let them soak whole night.

The next day (at least 12 hours), drain the wheat, washes them with water, and drains them again. Possible to use gauze to strain them. And then, put them in a bowl again and leave them for 24 hours.


Note: you will need to grind the walnuts, garlic cloves and sprouted wheat.

Also grind 5 lemons (don’t peel) and add them in the mixture.

Squeeze the 10 lemons left and add the juice into the mixture.

After Mixing the ingredients well, add honey. Use a wooden spoon for mixing.

Put the finis mixture in a glass jar with tight lid then put it in the fridge. Use the mixture after 3 days.

How to use it:

Drink this homemade remedy 30 minutes before every meal.

Drink 1-2 tbsp. of the remedy before meal; as well as30 minutes before going to bed.

If you have cancer and using this for the treatment, drink 1-2 tbsp. every 2 hours.

This powerful remedy will boost your metabolism and you will be refreshed and be full of energy.

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