Whiten Your Teeth in Just 3 Minutes with Baking Soda and Lemon Mixture

Flawless white teeth are the aspiration of every girl. Snow-white smile increase confidence and beauty.

Teeth whitening are becoming common and more and more people opt to achieve their dream of beautiful white teeth.

But Yellow teeth can be truly shameful.

There are numerous things which provide to this problem of the teeth and those conclude:

· Medications
· Smoking
· Improper oral hygiene
· Drinks
· Foods
· Dental tools
· Trauma
· Genetics, age, and illness
If you brighten your teeth it will definitely impact your outlooks and you will attain more self-esteem.

Teeth bleaching benefits conclude more self-esteem and positive outlooks.

The teeth brightening products can valued you a chance and works for a short-term period of time only.


· 1 tbsp. of baking soda
· The extract of half lemon or lime
· Toothbrush


- Put a 1 tbsp. of baking soda into a tiny bowl and squeeze the extract of half lemon above the top.
- The mixture will sparkle up as the soda mix with the citric acid in the citrus extract
- Once the sparkling gone somewhat, get your toothbrush and blend the mixture into a thick texture. - - If the mixture is too runny, mix a dash or two more of baking soda until the correct uniformity has been reached.
- Pat the toothbrush on a paste and brush all your teeth rigorously, just as you would with usual toothpaste.
- Wash your mouth out properly with a lot of water, and you are done!


- This natural whitening procedure should be doing no more than once every week. In order to attain a white smile without destructing the protective enamel covering the teeth.

- This remedy is not suggested for people who wear dental braces, as it would trigger uneven whitening mixture.

- After just 1 month of application – only 4 treatments – you should start to notice results in the form of a whiter and dazzling smile.

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