The Health Benefits of Star Apple or Caimito That You Should Know About

Star apple or caimito is commonly known as “Chrysophyllum Cainito” and is home-grown to the West Indies and Greater Antilles. It has currently spread to Central America and extremely ample in the tropics, mostly in Southeast Asia. It is called so due to when you slice it, the fruit looks like a star.

Approximately 64% of the fruit can be eaten and is usually consume fresh. A cup of the raw fruit only contains 67 calories, making a star apple a substantial snack due to its low calories and lack of fat.

Star apples are high in nutrients as well concluding:
  •  64 kcal energy
  •  1 g of protein
  •  8 g of carbohydrates
  •  18 mg of calcium
  •  45 mg of phosphorus
  •  8 mg of iron
  •  01 mg vitamin B1
  •  1 mg of vitamin C

Benefits of Star Apple

- Because the fruit is eaten fresh, you can obtain the nutrients above when you consume it raw. But the fruit is not just the part of the tree that is helpful. In factuality, the sap, fruit, and seeds are used for medicinal resolution:

- The star apple leaf is for healing diabetes and arthritis when become tea.

- The bark of the tree is used an ingredient to make a powerful medicine, concluding cough treatment.

- The seeds of the fruit have long been used in ointments in order to impede contaminants.

As for eating the fruit, you can get the following benefits:

- Consuming caimito will be beneficial to enhance your digestive health due to its fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that supports to make the stool smooth, so that it can be removed effortlessly. Normalizing bowel movements is vital in healing constipation and also other digestive system conditions.

- Caimito contains eleagnin, which is a kind of alkaloid that can defend the body from microbial activities. Eleagnine also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents that can help stops different illnesses, like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart problem.

- The fruit has vitamin C, a water soluble vitamin that helps different functions in the body. It also perform as an antioxidant that helps in curing wounds, producing collagen, boosting immunity, and reducing levels of blood sugar.

Star apples are not commonly accessible in local grocery stores, but there are delicacy stores where you can locate them. There are three choices, purple, yellow, and green which is the most usual.

Source: Steth News
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