Natural Recipes To Shrink The Pores On Your Face

Pores are design to excrete toxins out from the body.

However, if they are larger than the normal, they create problem.

Actually, large pores can be the reason of dirt and oil accumulation that results to worst acne and pimple problem.

That is why all the women on the world are looking for hat one right solution for that problem, some are finding it on expensive derma treatment or expensive face lotions that does not guarantee a long time effect on skin.

Fortunately, some natural home remedies were discovered to help us not to worry since these remedies will not irritate our sensitive skin but rather give better results right after using it.

Farah Dhukai, a you tuber.

Will give tips on the natural and alternative remedies that are safe and effective.

Thousand of likes and shares on face book the videos gained. Her remedies must have work on people who have tried.

Farah’s video about shrinking large pores can be viewed below.


1 egg white

1 tbsp. Of granulated sugar

- Crack an egg and only get the white.

- Then add salt to your egg white and beat it until you get a foam consistency mixture.

- Next, apply it all over your face using your brush or fingers.

- Make sure that you washed your face before putting the egg mask

- Leave the mask for about 15 minutes until it hardens

- Massage the skin in circular motion before removing the mask using wet towel.

Instantly you will have a smooth less visible pores and a glowing skin.

Small pores will result in a better feeling, self confidence and of course being able to achieve one dream of beauty.

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