Natural Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps That Actually Works

Being a woman having you're periods can be one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting times of the month.

With all the pain, discomfort and cramping, all you really want to do is lie down, relax and let the pain just vanish.

Menstrual period is not all the same, sometimes it's very light but more often it's really excruciating pain, it feels like someone is stabbing on your lower abdomen.

Menstrual cramps are caused due to the shedding of the inner lining of the uterine wall.

These are usually felt before the menstruation begins and lasts for 1-3 days.

Apart from all the hormonal action, the poor uterus is devoid of blood, therefore the muscle spasms. In severe cases this condition is called Dysmenorrhea.

Now that we know why we suffer from menstrual cramps, here are some tips to help relieve the discomfort:

1. Drink soya milk daily
Soy contains estrogen, hormone-balancing nutrients derived from plant

2. Eat tofu or taho everyday

3. Exercise
Any physical activity can stretch your muscle and ease the cramps. Plus, it helps increase endorphins that curbs the prostaglandins.

4. Avoid caffeinated drinks and salty foods during menstruation
According to live-strong, caffeine acts as vasoconstrictor which aggravates menstrual pain. Likewise, salt worsens the dysmenorrhea

5. Ginger tea
* Grate a small ginger
* Boil it in water for 5 minutes
* Strain
* Mix a tablespoon of honey and lemon/calamansi juice
* Drink 3x a day

6. Eat 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds

7. Eat papaya
This fruit naturally contains calcium, iron, carotene, plus vitamins A and C that helps ease muscle cramps.

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