Facts about Urine and How Often Should You Pee to Be Healthy

Urination frequency is a measure of how hydrated your body is.

Whether you’ve observe that you urinate more than other people or you can go without comfort room breaks for few hours, it is significant for you to know how much you should urinate each day.

Of course, you can already figure out there is no particular number here, but the number of times you urinate daily can show you about your health.

Dr. Neil Grafstein, an OB-GYNE too in the Hospital of Mount Sinai’s (NYC) assistant lecturer of urology, answered the important questions regards to urine.

As said, there is no specific number of times for urinating, but average people prefer to pee at least 4x a day with an extremity of 7x a day.

If you urinate more than seven times, do not be frightened just yet. There are some factors that can impact your peeing frequency, involving your hydration and how you hydrate yourself.

For example, if you consume plenty of water, you will urinate more frequent. Moreover, if you consume alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and other bladder irritants, assume to go to the bathroom more.

There are also people who have neurotic bladders, which indicate they have the urge to urinate at the negligible urge. In the interval, there are those who can cease their urine until their bladders are about to break.

If you urinate 11x a day or more after consuming two liters of liquid, this could indicate you have a complication with urine frequency.

Oftentimes, urinating too much is because to an overactive bladder, which may be reducing more than required. This affects to feel the prompt to urinate more. But Dr. Grafstein said that we can initiate our bladder. The problem is that we do not have incontinence conditions.

Other Facts about Urinating

Below are the other things you should know about urine:

· Holding your urine is not inadequate, unless it became sore.
· Routinely holding your urine though can raise the chances for infections of the bladder.
· Normally, fine urine is see-by yellow color.
· Several foods can trigger your pee to change color. For example, rhubarb can alter it to dark brown to black. Consuming blackberries can alter it to pink.
· Consuming asparagus is nutritious, but can trigger your urine to be nasty-smelling.
· Sweet-smelling pee is a symptom of diabetes.
· Urine is really 95% water.
· The average flow of urine is about 7 seconds.
· Your urine flow becomes weaker as you get older.
· You also urinate more as you age.

Pee can also disturb sleep. It helps if you observe the portion of fluid you consume and avoid drinking before you go to sleep. This way, you’ll be proficient to sleep without the prompt to get up and urinate.

Source: Steth News
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