Consuming These 8 Types of Fishes Can Lead to Food Poisoning and May Harm Your Health

When we effort on a diet, we usually consume low-fat seafood as a substitute to red meat and other sickly meal.

We ought to believe that consuming fish is nutritious to eat mostly when they are newly caught.

But do now be mislead by its freshness as several fish as not as fine for your body as you believe they are.

To offer you an idea, here are several of the harmful kinds of fish you should avoid consuming:

1. Imported Catfish

Some catfishes are germinated in factories or other experimental provisions wherein they are being injected with germination hormones to add in size and speed up their growth. Like chemicals are extremely harmful to human health as it may trigger severe disease such as cancer.

2. Mackerel

This type of fish has mercury, a very strong toxin that could cause to human body poisoning. Though Atlantic Mackerel are less harmful compared to those arriving from third world countries, this could still fetch different serious cases or worse, death.

3. Tuna

Tuna specifically Blackfin and Bluefin tuna also has a big amount of mercury and most of these tunas were vulnerable from farms that give them antibiotics and development hormones.

4. Tilapia

This fish which is extremely marketable among Filipinos are high in dangerous fats which can be harmful to one’s level of cholesterol. Apart from that, they also trigger an allergic reaction to several people.

5. Eel

Eel has a big quantity of bad cholesterol which could cause to stroke. These types of fish are also vulnerable and likely have injected several industrial lavish in the water.

6. Pangasius

This kind of fish is high in carcinogenic usually found in Vietnam markets commonly came from Mekong River which is believed one of the most polluted rivers in the universe.

7. Tilefish

This fish usually found in beaches – one of the numerous mercury-contaminated fishes which may cause to food toxicating.

8. Dollar Fish

This kind of fish has gem pyrotoxin which could not be metabolized by a person’s body.

The next time you desired for seafood, you have to assure to not consume those said above fishes. It is suggested to purchase other seafood through fisherman to assure healthful and raw fished compared to those germinated and generated in farms.

It is also extremely significant to cook your seafood dish correctly to avoid heartburn and other digestive complications.

Consuming These 8 Types of Fishes Can Lead to Food Poisoning and May Harm Your Health Consuming These 8 Types of Fishes Can Lead to Food Poisoning and May Harm Your Health Reviewed by Artikulo Uno on October 21, 2017 Rating: 5
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